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Archibus: Comprehensive, Customizable Workspace Solution

Archibus is a global leader in streamlining how workplaces manage space, real estate, infrastructure and facilities. Archibus centralizes space management data, planning, and operations into one platform. In addition, it has helped companies of all sizes reduce costs and enhance sustainability. It creates a better workplace by transforming how staff-at-large connect with people, places, and processes.

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Facilities and Real Estate Management Applications For Every Challenge

Each Archibus application is designed to compliment and improve an organization’s core functions and workplace efficiency. Each domain’s flexible, modular structure allows organizations to assemble the perfect combination of applications according to its requirements and budget. Data across the entire platform stays up-to-date and accurate, no matter how many domains an organization owns.

Real Property

Real Estate Portfolio Management

Can software help you understand the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)?

Move Management

Where are my coworkers sitting? RSC can help find the new location of any employee, asset, furniture, etc.


Space Planning & Management

What are workspaces used for? How do you manage a shared workspace? Find answers to your questions

Capital Projects

Capital Project Management

When are major projects due? What are their budgets? Organize capital projects and never miss a detail.


Building Operations

How do you keep facilities and equipment maintained? What should be routinely inspected? Maintain clean and safe assets.

Sustainability & Risk

Environmental & Risk Management

What are your company’s emergency protocols and disaster plan? RSC can help you keep facilities safe and away from risks.


Asset Management

Do you know where your equipment is? Are you aware of the assets you own? Track and manage workplace equipment.

Workplace Services

Where's the location of my next meeting? Can I reserve a workspace nearby? Schedule workspaces across your entire facilities.

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