Conversations with Bob!

What to consider when selecting an IWMS!

Strong Professional Consulting Skills

Providing strong consulting services requires a listening attitude. RSC staff are trained to have no preconceived ideas. We Listen, Comprehend, Synthesis, and then consult. This approach provides our customer with the solution they requested.


Listening is critical to providing successful solutions. Our clients often understand their needs better then we do. By listening RSC staff can begin to understand the required solution. Often the solution is more then a technical solution. It involves business process, technology, and manoeuvring through a political stage. RSC is equipped to provide professional solutions with these three factors in mind.


Translating the desired request into functional tools requires a strong design process. RSC synthesizes the desired program requirements into workable solutions by drawing upon staff strengths, professional experience, and strong design skills.


Often the request has been done before. Instead of reinventing the wheel RSC leverage past experience and presents a modified solution for the clients review. This allows both RSC staff and the Client to review the request and discover areas of functionality not previously considered.

Scope, Schedule, and Costs

This may seem simple and this is the underlying current of the RSC approach. If any of these three components is forgotten or dismissed the project is set for disappointments. Often expectations require adjustment when the definition of Scope, Schedule, and Cost is clearly understood. Reviewing these items at the beginning and keeping them in the forefront provides success.