MicroView FM

The mobile, handheld-based interface for ARCHIBUS® and ARCHIBUS® Web Central.

The mobile, handheld-based interface for ARCHIBUS® and ARCHIBUS® Web Central Accurately collecting and maintaining up-to-date corporate facilities and project information requires special tools. Managers can now send staff on-site to collect and manage facilities information, knowing that the information will be part of the corporate records at the end of the day.

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HVAC and Electrical

Energy Management Tools for Facilities Management.

Now you can easily maintain and retrieve information about all electrical components, including electrical panels, circuits, lighting, receptacles, control systems and more. The MicroView HVAC and Electrical Modules for ARCHIBUS® enable you to create an electronic inventory of the critical systems in your facility using pre-defined component standards with key information such as power requirements, heat load and vendor information. Check for circuit and panel loads and component counts, reporting calculations by building, floor and room from the built-in reporting system. Overloaded circuits and other potential problems can be prevented during the design stage.

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Delivery Manager

Ensure package delivery beyond the loading dock.

It’s a fact; packages and mail are routinely lost or misplaced after receipt in the loading dock but before final delivery to the intended recipient. Reduce the number of lost or misplaced deliverables and save money by using MicroView Delivery Manager. This new application utilizes your existing space inventory and personnel data to document the process from receipt, delivery or pickup. Powerful features such as electronic signature and automated delivery date/time capture expedite the flow of letters, packages, and assets within your organization.

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Parking Manager

Are your parking revenues what they should be?

MicroView Parking Manager delivers powerful desktop and handheld tools to help your organization efficiently manage your parking operations to ensure maximum revenues. This new application works with ARCHIBUS®, and enables users to issue parking passes, manage lot capacities, track parking pass history and violations, send automated renewal and pass pick-up emails to pass holders, and more

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August 20, 2015
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