Pricing How much does it cost to install ARCHIBUS?

While there are many factors in pricing an ARCHIBUS installation RSC believes in transparency. Therefore, since we cannot disclose ARCHIBUS software prices, we can provide our hourly and unit pricing for consulting, coding, training, and AutoCAD drafting. Additionally, the four offerings below are entry level ARCHIBUS packages that will bring you all the powerful features of ARCHIBUS.

RSC is accurate in our estimating and has never asked for a Change Order and never will. Our estimators are thorough and professional. We deliver the best, most accurate pricing in the World.

Some Guidlines to consider:

  • Professional Services are generally around 2-5 x the software costs depending upon the complexity of the software.
  • When the client requires more involvement the factor can increase to as high as 12 x software costs. This involvement may be in the form of meetings, standards deviations, and tailoring or customizing of the COTS software.
  • When a client decides that this is not their core compentency and they require on-site assistance, the price could increase as high as 30 x Software.
  • Pricing SpaceView Cloud

    We're offering you an optimum package. SpaceView Cloud is a SaaS offering providing a dedicated windows server, AnyWhere and Value Software, 3-years subscription, 5 mobile user licenses, cadNOW, and SpaceView. All this for $2,710 a month (a three year committment is required).

  • No Startup Fees
  • Dedicated Hardware (SaaS)
  • 5 Software packages
  • 100,000 SF AutoCAD polylining
  • Nightly synchronization to one HR system
  • Single Sign-On using SAML 2.0
  • Initial data population
  • Pricing - Professional Services

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    Pricing - Professional Services

    January 2001 through December 2010

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