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RSC delivers reports for four audiences. These audiences have vastly different needs and requirements. The audiences are:

  • Chiefs and Vice Presidents
  • Managers and Directors
  • Individual Contributors
  • Staff at Large

RSC logo Dashboards

Dashboards present multiple views on one screen, providing easy access to information that you need to accomplish your facilities management goals. When you access a dashboard, it displays information that is geared specifically to your job and your personal preferences.

RSC logo Summary

The Summary report provides a high-level summary of your data, with the ability to drill down into more granular data for each number included in the summary. This report is useful for Managers and Directors who want to answer questions surrounding anomalies of data. It also allows for “what-if” scenario planning.

ARCHIBUS Summary Report: Coast and Consumption by Department

RSC logo Scrubbing

The form or input pages provide the backbone of data entry and gathering. These views allow individual contributors the ability to data input, modify and review. That data rolls up to the dashboards and summary reports used by management.

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