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Overview, Benefits, and Pricing

RSC is looking to answer the FM world’s increasing need for mobile-friendly applications! Coming this summer, RSC will be releasing another version of SpaceView.

RSC’s SpaceView Responsive Design release combines all the features our clients rely on daily into a modern, fully responsive interface. Our goal is to answer the increasing need within the facilities world for mobile- and smart-device-friendly applications, and to help users track anything they want in three clicks or less, directly from their pockets.

Switching Over to SpaceView Responsive Design

RSC will require that all clients currently using SpaceView transition to our new interface. We will no longer be developing for the old interface.


  • • Modern look and feel
  • • Fully Responsive
  • • Reduce access time
  • • Expanded use
  • • Reduced RSC Coding Time
  • • Deprecation of Frames
  • • HTML5
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One-Time Charge to Upgrade

To cover the development of the new interface, we will be charging a one-time fee to our existing clients to upgrade to the new interface. Clients have two options for payment:

1. A one-time, upfront payment of $15,000.
2. A monthly payment of $1,475.00 (18% increase/interest).


One of the aspects we are very proud of in SpaceView is how customizable it is. RSC has done many customizations for our clients in the past and will continue to do so. From now on, though, all customizations created in SpaceView will go through a vetting process at RSC and will be released as standard SpaceView features.

Past Customizations

A 50% delta will be charged for the effort of creating the customization, not the customization itself. For example, if a client has paid $100,000 for a customization that puts a red hat in all conference rooms, and the effort of creating that customization is valued at $20,000, we will charge our clients $10,000. For clarification, please see the chart to the right.

Future Work

All future work will be handled at SRP (Suggested Retail Price).

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