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Welcome to SpaceView's Help Documentation

This documentation is designed to give a thorough overview of how each feature in SpaceView works and what they are designed to accomplish.

The navigation bar on the left-hand side of this screen is organized exactly like the navigation bar in SpaceView 5.0: all the features and modules appear in the same order and under the same categories as the software itself. Clicking on any of these while in the help site will take users to the help documentation for that feature.

On any image that is directing users where to click, the button or link to be clicked will be delineated by a green box surrounding it.

To navigate back to the software, click on the link at the bottom of the navigation bar titled "SpaceView 5.0", or click on the tab you had open before entering the help site.


Upon opening SpaceView, users will first see the home page. RSC's demo of this page is currently divided into nine sections of common tasks within SpaceView:

  1. Locate People
  2. Locate Geography
  3. Locate Rooms
  4. Manage Equipment
  5. Manage Moves
  6. Manage Hotel Space
  7. Complete Work
  8. Generate Work
  9. Manage Parts

This home page is essentially a dashboard, and the tasks that appear on it are customizable to your organization's needs. Contact your RSC administrator or facilities manager to customize this view.

SpaceView Home Page Dashboard

Navigation Bar

The navigation bar initially appears as showing the menu icons and their descriptions, but can be collapsed to show only the icons by clicking the hamburger button in the top left corner. This is true for any view.


Un-Collpased Navigation Bar in SpaceView


Collapsed Navigation Bar in SpaceView

About SpaceView

SpaceView is a 100% web-based gateway to facilities data. Designed to integrate with the ARCHIBUS facilities management software, it provides end users quick access to commonly-requested information.

Version: 5.0
Database Driver:  ODBC


  • 10 Feb. 1999
  • First Iteration of SpaceView

    First Iteration of Spaceview Feb. 1999